Does it count as a first animation if you literally give no effort but somehow all the effort?

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People of Tumblr!  Please REBLOG THIS if you see it, cause a user by the name of sakurashiroiartist is in a lot of pain and trouble!  She is a very, very good friend of mine, and she needs a lot of help, friendship, and love from those who are willing to give it.  She has a terrible home life as well as a school life, but she is a wonderful artist who draws tons of art for Evangelion and many other anime!

Please, if any of you are out there listening, please reblog this and show her how much you care!!  SHE NEEDS IT! :(

i reblog this because i care for peoples

me every day

How about when you start to hate yourself and it “feels” like you are screaming, you open your mouth and actually say, “I need help.” to someone. Just like this wonderful artist did with her friends. People are not mind readers and if someone asks how you are and you say, “fine” then they are going to assume you are fine. No one knows when you are going to start to “hate yourself.” So, find the energy and the courage to reach out for help. You will find that a. you are stronger than you thought and b. you have more friends and loved ones than you ever imagined. But you have to do your part, too. Good luck and Happy Solstice.